The Best 'House Of The Dragon' Season 2 Theories On The Internet (2024)

House of the Dragon is back for a highly anticipated season 2, y’all. But as we’ve come to expect from the very complicated George R.R. Martin universe, season 1 left us off with far more questions than answers. Even if you’re well versed in all 12 of his books, George himself has said there’s content in the TV series that is wholly original. Luckily, the internet’s best chronically online detectives have gathered together on Reddit to spell out the elaborate theories about the drama’s most twisted cliffhangers to those of us who can’t quite keep up. Personally, the theory I’m most obsessed with is that Matt Smith looks hot with no eyebrows and bleach-blond weave, but maybe that’s less of a theory and more of my affinity for weird hot celebrities. In honor of embarking on another eight super-sized episodes of incestual fantastical torture, let’s unpack the best House of the Dragon season 2 theories on reddit. And yes, beware of spoilers!!

Who is the father of Helaena’s Targaryen’s children?

One of the major burning questions desperate viewers are wondering (especially those of us who can barely see or hear the program) is whether Aemond or Aegon fathered Helaena’s children. Naturally, those two are the options since they’re her brothers and that’s how the Targaryens roll. Even though Helaena is married to her older half-brother Aegon, there have been theories that Aemond is secretly the father since he said in season 1 that he wouldn’t mind fulfilling the family duty of impregnating his sister (lol) if duty called. Later, when the family was threatened Helaena jumped into younger brother Aemond’s arms instead of her husband Aegon’s. The final piece of this evidence is the potential irony of the recent murder of her son, Jaehaerys. The Targaryens were struck back at for a hit Aemond pulled on Lucerys, with Helaena’s innocent children paying the price. Wouldn’t it be all the more juicy if Aemond was actually Jaehaerys father?

Will Laenor Velaryon or his dragon return after faking their death?

As we all know Laenor faked his own death so he could abandon his responsibilities to run off with his sexy gay lover (relatable) while Rhaenyra had to remarry her Uncle (our daddy) Daemon. So the elephant in the room is if Laenor or his dragon Seasmoke will return tipping the royal family off to his escape. Fans who have read ahead in the book are piecing together that Laenor may return as a character known as Addam Of Hull, who eventually proves himself to be a bastard son Velaryon lineage. Meaning, Laenor disappeared for so long that he thinks he can pull off reentering the fold as his own child?! I need the Velaryon skincare routine, stat.

Who is going to ride Vermithor the dragon?

King Jaehaerys (the longest reigning king in the seven kingdoms’ history) left behind his dragon Vermithor which we saw Daemon wake up at the end of season 1 thanks to a banger of a song called Haros Batossi. Who does Daemon intend to find to ride it? George R.R. Martin’s book The Dance With Dragons presents a blacksmith named Hugh as the answer, but Redditors have a new angle to the theory. A little math shows Daemon’s possible illegitimate child mentioned in season 1, episode 2 would be an adult by season 2. What if Daemon’s plan to recruit “dragon seeds” aka dragon riders is a ploy to help his son claim the throne?

Who will Rhaena Targaryen marry after Lucerys’ murder?

Okay, buckle up because this one is a big swing. Lady Rhaena (daughter of Daemon Targaryen and Laena Velaryon) has her happily ever after stolen from her when her cousin Aemond killed her betrothed Lucerys. Now she has to get married to someone else, obvi, because a single woman ain’t worth much depending on who you ask in Westeros. One very dedicated viewer pieced some v compelling but v random similarities between Rhaena and Aemond’s storylines as outcasts in their family. What if the series plans to go totally rogue from the book’s second marriage for Rhaena with a man named Garmund Hightower and has these two end up together instead? In the seven kingdoms, legit anything is possible.

Helaena knows her mom had sex with Criston Cole

First, her kid got murdered, then she walked in on her mom Queen Alicent having sex. Tough season premiere for our neurodivergent queen Helaena! The questions spawning from this moment are many. Does Helaena realize how much trouble her mother, The Queen, would get in for having recreational sex with anyone, let alone the celibate captain of the King’s Guard, let alone when that captain happens to be her ex-best friend-turned-enemy’s childhood sweetheart, Criston Cole? Will Helaena repeat it to anyone? Will they believe her?? Some fans believe Criston Cole can’t risk letting that happen, so Cole will be the reason behind Helaena’s “suicide” to keep her quiet.

The Best 'House Of The Dragon' Season 2 Theories On The Internet (2024)


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