The Register News-Pictorial from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (2024)

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The Register News-Pictoriali

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7 1893 3 MilCOLM MID Hn fata astonishing prices GALVANIZED IRON! AT RKDUCED PRICES 5 ft at Is 8L to per Sheet BEST BRANDS 17 for net Cash 26 GAUCE 0 3 10 io 0 4 0 (ill 0 own £11 0 0 0 17 13 13 in io 7 1 12 0 19 0 0 S3 1 £0 0 0 6 ft at 7 ft at 2s 3M 8 ft at 2s 71 9 ft at 3s 1 ft itted with Hiding 3 hpt vitb Weightnd Lines Weight 97 lb LT 10s Including Glut MANTLEPIECES ENAMELLED WOGD (look as good as Marble from 12fl 64 SOLID MARBLE from '49fl 6d W1 GUARANTEE ALL OCR JOINERY to be of the rtay BEbT WORKMAN SHIP Wit a Tie of assuring intenoing buyers of the first class quality of our Gouda we undertake to take back anything unsatisfactory and bear the expense We hare given the we ght of each as they are carried on the railway by weight so that the cost of carriage to any part of the country can be easily ascertained is 3 0 2fi itted with Sashes hung on Hinget Weight 401b MERCHANT STEAM SAW MOULDING TURNERY CABINETMAKING AND JOINERY WORKS HIAD K4NKLIS 8TREET (WEAR POSTOICE) ADELAIDE AND AT PORT ADELAIDE TIMBER EVERY DESCRIPTION WHEELWRIGHTS' AND CABINETMAKERS TIMBERS Seasoned in our Drying Kiln without any charge Special Prices to Builders for Joiuery DOORS WINDOWS AND JOINERY EVEKY DESCRIPTION AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICK WINDOW COMPLETE WINDOW COMPLETE 16s (id Having the most complete STEAM CABINET i and VARY ET WOBKMAHIP 148 RUNDLE STREET ADELAIDE (NRAALY OPPOSITE CORNER) BEACTIUL BBAW1N6 KBOM bllTE CAB EB BLACK WBBB Oj LABVE BTBCK SVrEBlOB BKlfllNV and Vlffiltte BOOK MITES at EG 13s 151M £10 £1 ls £13 Guarantee every Article to he irst class Order if it is net we undertake to take it back and bear the expense 1 MAKIAG MACHISER in the City we are enabled to flive our Customers EXCEPTION AI L1 GOBI 1ALIE size spring top best quality nairw owe Do xeptionalvlM lawlid Blackwood De Autries bentwood mall large Boebing Cbaira cane seat Wringm beat robber roUm from Us fid 17a fid 2Sd Cooking Stoves and Ranges from Capa am Saucers par dnien Tea Nou 7 fd: airy Black Taipots Cottage Dinner Seu variety of pattern Bandsotne idanerset 5u pieces variety of naturae Piaui trow la nd dos Dinner do do Meet Dishes from 9d Cbeeaedo do Chamber Seta Mwrtod patterns from Tumblers dor is Cut do do Wtne glaaMO par dozen Piekle Jara la Tomato Hance Roitlre Jugs fid Glass Dishes tH: Butter do rugar Basina fid hinCandtetkk Band Kaniscor Bruabea 8epiig Brooms with handles White handled Knirej and orks dos Black bandied Kmv and lorka do TeaapeoM (will not change colour) dot eather Pillow Wire Matin full size Wardrobe £2 15a £4 15a £7 10 £10 up 10 £15 15 Commodes with pan complete from tildeboard and Chiffonnier AS 15 to £10 10a HOUSES ALL KINDS BUILT IN ANY PART THE COLONY OR RAMED READY 01 LKECT1UN BUILDING MATERIALS AND Ol'CBBbS PAIR as above in Kauri Pine with Best Marble Top nd Tile Back to Washstand ud Swinging Mirror to Dressing Table £9 Do Do Do Do in Cedar 3 DCCBESS PAIltN Superior Designs £4 10s £5 6s £6 10s £8 8a up to WRITE OR COMPLETE PRICE LIST TWO BOOMED HOPPE URNISHED OB mREE KUUMED UOVSE l'BNISBED OB Ctnebes from Bs dsteads Half tester richly brass nionnted extended footrail fall size Bedstead Naif tester Miudvely brass mounted do do With BonHcwove Wire Uattrews lock Bed Bolster and Pillows complete extra Child's Cot lJ Cd tbair Beds 1JH 6d Mangles large 8 Chifloenier mkcaw and Bscretaire 9 combined a beiutiful and nsefn) piece 8 at furniture worth xwoor price now Chiffoenieroad Bookcae complete Salsa eedar beautifully poJwbed Sofas pitta stained cedar with back itoben Table a 1 Dining Tablm with eadar itained 0 ternel leg end rails from Extenrioe Diuiag Table with Arcld meduaa Screw 0 Rounl Tahiea pillar and claws 0 GipsyTsbl cedar 2 lid Toelhorse I Walnut Wtoataeta from 1 Heavy Cornice Pole complete witn rings DnhCBNlP large tamed column Do Do in Cedar Chest ef I drawer hMMln rmefliT gl auined licht wood pciuhed 3 Celar er HuoaPine Waabstinl turned Chil Low Chain American 8 4 Hih Chair American 0 Chair child' high with tray our 8 maaufactwe wnndurfui ealae Do do low do do do with tray no carta in Blackwood from a ambno Rtinda from BHMARUK LAMPS Cedar or Huou Plot Toilet Thbla REID WimM iHRK 0 yl 9 I 'I "'I Mv' 6 i 0 1 OUS Kw 0 3 3 9 i 6 1 8 lucludivg THS1 Lxlfe BUSINESS NOTICES PIflHOS MEDICAL ESTABLISHED MBS AVGAS STREET PHARMACY Twu aocra eeat of Kaw Co operative SKraa (nar Victaria uuaA AT WOODMANS EJLL" IMPORTER ORGHNS AT AN STOCK By all the Grandest Makers in England and Germany GKEHELL ST of Patent tfedMnaa Reemaa Spoogea onnUtM Bauiiasvt Irurnea Elastic Stockings Bella fcc PL'KL elected by appointed Agwlaia Lonaou Aiuviica anu on ike Guoumbl HOPilAlx MKS AMILIES INSTtHJ T1j3 AHMkKri S1A1ON ttAADB We Ae au plied taidabla rtaa CIVILE MEDICINES IlTthM POWDER POWDER KEATING'S POWDER" KtATINGS KEAIING'S POWDER" KEATING'S POWDER1' This Powder bo celebrated uttwiy vn rivaled in BCUS LEA MoJHs xEETLKdaM ail tnecte (wnilst perfectly hartnlem to all animal life) All wooUatu and 1ur should well aprinkied with lb Powder placing away Ilia invaluable to ink the Seuido To avoid dis ptnUaeat ttulal upon having owdar" No other Powder iSaotnL KILLS BUGS LEAS MOTHS BEETLESMOSQUITOES TnriraHed in destroying LEAS BiUS (KKKUACHbS BKEitLS MOTHS in tics aoiI every olber apacwa of inaecL Sportatneo will find thia invaluable for destroying tleaa io toe dogn atoo Iodic fur tbeir pet doje The PVBLIC ar CAUTIONED that package the genuine powder bear tne autMi xph of 1UUMA9 KtATLNU sold 3iu only Wholesale Street Wholesale Prices) for Cash OR ON LONG TERMS PAYMENT N'UTE OBSERVE THE BIS LAMP A 1 1 ia INDIAN DELICACY made from PU'rt PORRIDGE MEAL ak your Crm er fnr th TRIAL PACKET tnil Ulrrctiop on Wrippi AlaoferPOBHIDGE CAKE SCUJI HS Ac Ae ip rob want the BEST AVD CHEAPEST ASK OB Unti pMPROVEDOJ I 4 Hi pORTABlEr COPPER 4 sptaUaMetf the principal IronmuDgen ui store kevpvra or Irom A S1MPSOA SOI LATOKOVEN AND KlKTABLI CUPPEB MAKKKS Ac Ac OAW1EHPUIX AilkLAlDE 3tbne ADELAIDE OUNDRY A JOJES SOYS ENGLNKEKS MILLWRIGHTS IRON A5D BRASS OUNDERS SMITHS AND BOILERMAKER Vlctoria strcct and North terraro Adelaide 2thac 1 1 att art ar te til tat ttatr iruti I Jj huj" nr Marie R6ze SY DUGU AL SAM COPSET 1' a vp tn fife nor tr tn th 1 brti EXjUISIU 1 iDEL PERECT UKOflT CU br (r lu uMwa tut 11' a tiuHfi i fUM i a' Three Gold Medals I vi nr lt rMPHi' o' TnrrvR DICAL cascara hawleY Lasuleu Laxative 8AVAR CUBEBS CIGARETTES Aathma SAVAR'S COCA WINE Bstorstire SAVARESSS Ail Chemists SANDAL WOOD OIL E'arlis rntn the aa nam tteoia Uh he Rrgajue raeubnine over glv in? Uni UULLU Savaresse's purs Copaiba Capsule "KEATINGS WORM TABLETS" WORM TABLETS" "KEATING'S WORM TABLETS" "KEATING'S WORM TABLETS" A Pl'BHLY VEGETABLE SWEETMEAT both in appurxnce and ite lurnuhing a mustareo able method of adminHteriug the xu ceruuu remedy for IMTIWTIA AL or iHttEAD WUHMd it is a perfectly eafe end mil I preparation anl is Mpw'aily adapted lor Children bold in Tina by nil Draggiata Pruprietur THOMAS KEATING Lon Ion 276tf HEALTH VIGOUR AND VITALITY To the Waak and Debilitated Ueempetaat and rniortuDate and all who lutfr from Nerruua kiuauatioD Pby kal bpinal Menial or aexual UeakMaa sain ana Blood IMaeaaa itaParalyaM Ubumauam Gout Mciatiea xnuuipuon Bron china Aalbma Liver Complaints Heart Disease Kidney and Bladder trouble Dyspepsia rivate Ouopiainta Maepiesaasea Bad Dreams Ctiruuie AtfectioM Exhausting Drain upon the System the Diseases of Women dec sb'Mild consult PROESMOK EVAYS MEDICAL HERBALIST AND SPECIALIST Cure my Patients qniekly and will OVAKANTKK a PKKMANLNr CURE In all care undertaken ConultaUoa ree or oy lettet eudositig stamp Hours ot lOfcm to 9 pm A'edueadays id to 6 only NOTE THE ADDRKSS Xa 23 UNDERS ST KKT near HPU St te WOMAN BALVATIUS Treatise oa tn's Balvatioa'' posted fret in eloeed envelope nw prof Ut maou rench Specialist la CcHin pUce Meltiounis 271 JOis ONE BOX CLAHKES 1 Plliq warranted to cure all dischargm from the Critmry Organa in either sei (hoquired or cons ututiotiaj) (ravel and Pains tn toe tmek Guaranteed free from Mercury Sold In Rntea 4 tkl each by all Chemist and PtMt Medicine Vendors thmuKhout the world Ths Lincoln akd miuusd Counties Dblg Comviny Lincoln England Macs I CURE NERlUlh MEMlLiri SECfeKT 1HMEAMIS aad KK rOiU LOST MAI BOOB tad tor my D8M) GeamM HEKK KASSMUSSEN 1Uk OANUH MEBBaUBT EXPBB1 ELUuD ABD A Wl DLnPVsda GUARANTEES A CURE He Ue Uurwd ever Ua mMs Awarded Isold Med sydai a4 Pan UUALAUA lilauill ILL (raglMoredj L'tue Bervou Ueuuity aau beea Viiaiiiy Bs ta ad iz PiMed duty ire vtiUaacy Lowm tu bpetal ewemu Course waaL es! duty free AUaiwe Liver Pill la fld peeled baud to Herr (Uaamueen a Hd OAm 541 Geiire creot Sydnof ret ma Aurioe and Boek ius Naturd DaaMrucu LuukMu vaiuawe auvwetfa Private Dismmi bust vuauKuMMMUm Bananeeas aad Irnu tnty ul th 'yicu llii Uaeiid iwuk sealiot uotuvog k'atraar uo any advica UMtfL Herr I4uraua uiue HerMl teamedie utuy otamabie in ibis eoloov at bu KA Hraactt KCAULE ijiKaET ADELAIDEbei an intemau'Mi av ue uutaused irem U1 Local Manager AU reined Im ent unooverv! ad tltyfra It you wuat 'pec al Auric mu to Uerr rVm muaeea 47 Georgo auaek eTdney NSW 1MJ ISCE wLANEOu A DAY Thafollnwingarethe Entitrs Acccaunceseloee at 3 O'clock Tonluht: pusucesuoee bUKrrlbLD HAXDICAP IHreoek (CamiMlaas)lyd iiilpatruk lo Re ley I'airweatber 10 do Petrre do Yell 1 do u'BH li do Murphy II do 11 do II ro ksCllldo 11 Hawke Ei3do I ev A di 14 Tieloar 11 do HyuanU Udo 18 Mueyani Rowell li do 1 Dunstan 15 do in Hasui oa a dO Pi Wemnstan JI Mil er i rio Aukeu 12 do 21 Miller iddo BACK lu Nreaher Ca0do Daria A9yda 7 Hayes 1 Wiliaw Sa do 2 A scions 3 do 3 inlay A II 4 do 1 upaiiick 7 do Plunkett Odo 8 rtrie 1'2 do 7 Hayes H18 do 8 Rowell lido Davidaon Ado le ekS' 1c do 15 do 1 19 WUliamaoaE20dL WCaRTEKMILE I Hanco*ck (Camoola use act Ewers 5 yds 8 Ast toe Jarvis fl IS dn 5 airweather 16 do 13 Baird A 18 do Aitken A si ted 14 orreeter 18do 15 Goldsworthy yy do 18 Nlmmonds 14 do 17 8r 1 do HIGH JMP 1 inlay A I 3 Vate I ia 1 Hayes do 4 RowsU Ln SUMMARY NEWS OR EUROPE PER SS BRITANNIA Adelaide November 3 Our last Summary was published on October and forwarded by the bp Cuzco The present issue goes hence by the Britannia which leaves Largs to morrow at noon VICERE iAL Departure of the Goverxor Sue mouths atfu Hie ExtwJIt ucy the Earl of Ko tore dcid to retire from the Governorship at about this tiue and return to his native country via India When hi resignation was received by the Secretary of State for the Colonies Lord Kmtore ahuort imtn diately asked to retaio odioe until six yeurs instead of five bed elapsed from the tune be assumed his duties After considerable negotiations His Excellency consruted Co do so if he waa allowed to have six mouths' holi day to enable him to proceed to England to attend to private hutnere Hie Ex cellency began bis six months' leave of ab sence on Thursday when ii left Adelaide to take bis pauage by th) MMtfenes Man times steamer Polynesien It was arranged that His Excellency should leave Ad laide for the Aemaptwre at 113i am and for a oousi derable time before that hour a crowd gan to gather on North terrane ia (root of the station The general pubiio were allowed to congregate on the platform from which the Port trains go On the opposite platform a guard of honour consist ing of a detachment of men from the Permanent orce under Captain Hawker wu drawn op facing the viceregal carriage which conveyed His Excellency to Largs Bay A larffe number of public men gathered on the platform to shake hands with Hie Excellency A guard of honour composed of members of the Naval orce was drawn up in hue on the head of the Semaphore Jetty under the com mandof Lieut Clare and ontbeerrivalof Lord Kincore presented arm Commander Cree well conducted His Excelly jo JjtfVKift aad after adieus the launch steamed away from the pier cheers being given by those on the jetty As the launch approached the Polynet'en a salute was tired from iArga ort A few gentlemen boarded the steamer with His Ex'sellrnoy At the call of the Chief Seo retary a safe passage and a speedy return to His Excellency was drunk in bumpers of champagne A large number of people con gregated on the jetty to see Hie Excellency o9 The assembly included a large proportion of ladies Sir Robert Duff returned to Adelaide on Thursday morning after his two dat visit to Broken HilL time in the silver city whi was cn'fe hile wee in it The governor oi New South Wales left by the overland express in the after noon for Sydney Tut Acting Governor At a special meet ing of the Executive Connctl held on Nov 3 His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor was sworn in to carry out the done of the nor during the six months' absence of His Ex cellency the Earl of Kintore The Lieutenant Governor appointed Captain Henniket Mjrr tn be hie rrirate Secretary aud Captun Milner tn be his A DC A tlottrnmenf Ettraordutarti was issued annuuneing the ap pointments PARLIAMENTARY Proceedings in tm A On Thurs day in th" Honeeof Assembly the third read ing of the Bill providing for increased taxation was carried without division Altogether Itio speech hs have bren made upon the measure nace September 111 when the resolution waa moved for a Committee of Ways and Means The Pastoral Bill parsed its second reading Tub Manacbment of State Chili'bex A Bill now before Parliament selling forth bow Statoebildreu are to be controlled aud managed There are seven parts to the Bill four dealing in detail with the Blate Children Council with insxitutions with the commitment control apprenticing and placing out of children and who the maintenance of children by thvir relatives Another part deals with the licensing aud supervision of lying in homes and foeu mothere while Part V'l I is concerned with ro cedure pwnaltiee and genera! matter The Chief Secretary moved the seonne resdingof the Bill in the Council on Thursday The debate will be rreumed on November 7 ThiWixi UtroT The mation submitted by the representative of the Government in the Upper House io favour of th" atabli meut in London of a dejt for (South Aus tralian wines aud produce was disposed uf on Tuesdav aft having ben (or a nsi rahle time before the Council Ina amendment of Dr a Bill should be intro duced for the establishment of a drp it fur wtne an other produre in 'tidin' waa carried on the casting vote of the the division list shewing 11 Aye and 1 1 Nuee TRADE WITH CANADA Canadian Vl ituks Ade laide was visited last week by the Hon Mackenzie Bnwell Minister of' Trade and Cutumercaof Canada his Private retry (Mr Paynel Mr Sandford leming LLD CE a Director of the Canadian Pscifio Hallway and Mr Buchanan Winnipeg Mr Bwll came to Adelaide tn evtr ns on of bis mission to the Eastern Colonies to establish closer commer cial intercourse betwe Australia And anaoa A special Cabinet meeting held at the Chief Secretary (Itlioon ridav Nuv 3 to confer with the vtsitom fioui Canada A Lmg and informal discussion took place as regards the subir ts which the visitors had previously brought uudt th notice of the Governments nf ew South Wales Queensland and Victori Mr Bowel I particularly preset ipn th Ministry the desirableneea taking part in a conference which he wte eiideawurirg to arrange to be held in Canada between representatives of the Gov rnm nts uf Au Iralasia and representative of the!) inion of Canada He laid particular stress on the expediency of cultivating trade rehtions between Canada aud Australasia and views were exchanged a to the best mode ot bring ing this about and a to ibe products which were most likely to torn the subjret of a reel proc agreement Mr men tioned that the Governments the oth colon ie which he had ruip had prscticallv promised to ba repnwented at th suggested gathering Minifters said it would te im probable that South Australia would bn an represented at any meeting of the character suggested ia which th other enlonie took pan The question of a Paci tic cable was also discussed and Mr Sandford leming more fully explained bis view oa tn matter particularly in connection with the ran um ha had addressed to Mr Boweli on the subject and the contents of which had tewa communicated by that gentleman to tha various Australian Go vernments The matter dealt with at the conference will form the subjects of further Ministerial Mr Bowel! fansadoeeof our reporter that ba waa very wall satisfied with his interview with the Mitatry LEGAL AND CRIMINAL idehal Banz im Mr Muirbaad appeared before Hi Honor the Chief Justio on nday Nov 3 and on be half of th official liquidators reported that besides the in the pound already collected on their liabilities to the local creditors there was a further sum of £142835 m11 to be got in which roughly epeakiuff allowing tor any losses that might accrue in obtaining the amount showed altogether some 30 io the pound against the liabilities on the Adelaide books His Honor expressed hissatisfaction THE Tha final aring tn re Adwk was di'Cjd of by Mr Justice BoueautonNov 3 Hie Honor st terrefernng tn verv strong tar me to themanner iu which the insolvent had and tnfl with the Court awarded a third class certificate The ineulvuut interrupted the Judge who told him be would beoomoelled to have him removed Mr Adco*ck thereujion went out with tha constable remarking that he did not wuh to hear insults or fuul abuse from a personal enemy Prevention of Tbe Govern ment have issued meutK tu us to tbe poke ibt tbe law iwrsinst betting and gambling i ia all eases to be enforced During the past week the oolice took intial measure ty warning book makers in the saloon at the Theatre Royal that nnlees they ceased to ply tbr vocation pro oeeding would be instituted against them The members of tbe Ring have also bn notified that in future betting within the special enclosures on the racecouwa will betupped Some mouths ago several book makers wtre fined at the Police Court for betting on the Old Raceoouree Tbe late Mr Pat gave them permission to appeal to tbe higher Court but no apiwal was ever made so (tresumsoly tbe bookmakers are satisfied that they cannot drive a coach and four through the Act Tn prowrees of the law will also be pnt into motion to prevent totalizators being used in tobacconists' shops UBITL'ARY Death of ax Old Hindmamh Resident John Lowe a colonist of thirty nine yean died at Hindmarsh on Tuesday tuorn iug at the agof seventy two The deceased was an old identity of tbe town having resided in it ever since bis arrival in the oniony in tbe ship John Bunyan in ISM He loaves only two sons and one grandchild Thursday afternoon tbe funeral of the late Mr Haskins sen took place at the Hind tnareh Cemetery and woe numerously atseuded Mr Hankins arrived in thecolonyin 1851 and with the exception of a few month at the Victorian diggings bed resided at George street Tbebarton to tbe time of his death He was one of tbe early carc rs oa the Port road He leaves a widow four sons and two daughter Thm Lath Ml Many friends of this gentleman will learn with sur prise that be died st Mount Gambi on Thursday Novemb r2 after a painful illness extending over aer rai months Mr winanaa well known and highly respected in oom mircia) circles ara ago he was a enmmer msl traveller for tbe lata firm of Mmere Morgan Co Later he became Business Manager for Messrs Wilkinson Co of reeman street Thia position he relin quished three years since to enter into business at Mount Gambier Mr Newman leaves widow and three acme and three daughters most oi whom are grown up MISCELLANEOUS Tiia Boiling Djwn In response to a deputation of pastoralists and others who waited upon him at tbe beginning ol last month tne Treasurer promised that sheep wbosa caruaasea were to be boiled down should admitted iu to the colony under bond un the understanding that tbe product was expjrted gnlatjons to give effect fci this premise are now course of preparation by tbe Cuitums department and the uouceaemo may be at once utilized There are already two iota of MM and 5OUU shrop on tne way from New South Wales aud will be taken to Dry Cra where Mr Conrad bas appliances for boiling down jOuO sheep a week It is probable that others wdi also esta vliab iilinx down work EUPLOYKHB COUNCIL op A At the tint meeting ol tbe new executive held on Nov 3 Mr 8 owler was elected President aad Mr Roger (President of the Builders and Contractors' Association WM leoted Vice Preeidwnt Nkw Australia Mr Peter MoN aught the Chairman of tha "New move ment left Sydney last week for this ci where he intend to ootid uet an orga nizing miaaion of about tan days' ora fort night's duration Tbe barque Royal Tar is expected lo ranch Port Adelaide for a cN4id batch of emigrant early in lieoember Advices from Sydney state that the move ment is rapidly growing in favour Biktiis and Tha Rsgitrar Cetieral estimated that the population uf ftiuth Australia proper on September 1 was 3d732t as rtnpated with 27' on tbe same data lut year During September there were D75 births in the colony a against Kli in Mep ta nf'er last year and au average of tor the five years from lNa to IM' inclusive Arrival or the The 4 () im Australia from London passed Cap fL rda at 2 5u on I'bundsy moromg and ttr aqm rue dropped anchor off tbe Semaphore at 12 Owing to such an early appearance at King George i Sound it was at first thought pro haitie that the Australia would make the record trip an I take the honours from tbe Himalaya a eit ship wnieh still carries the ghttarirg but uncruwmg co*ck at tue main This however Captatn ves ba not been sb tosoximphah this time though be has made a remarkably quick passage The maintained au average sjieed of over bi knots during the whole tvage The rraih left London at pio on riday tober li Amorgthepaaen rs on a pleasure trip to As al a was La iy Svah Gurdon Wilsjnsisterof the Hte Duke of Marlborough Railwat and CrT0MR rom July 1 to October tbe railway reeeiota 'tall 13 1 as against 7d for the oorreeponfling period of H'L 1 he increa this is therefore 5'ii 34 The Customs recemts up to (kton this year wire tl7'5l? 17s 2d or £177 12 IM more than wa collected during tbe corresponding period of SHIPPING NCMBR AND HtA IiiIUNIAL AKKIVAL nt IQPAit Tl iihs fr tn Poll AdeHiile between 1 tu birlii'aaA Nuv tutK 6 ilM i ir Awbivsla i Decvkti hm ia Nov STHsUOtONlXL tkKIV Ls Ju Csnt bnjue MJ tuns Caally frvm Prt Loui 31 (larZsRv learner 6 077 Mtn A Chrkt fr tn Ltni 31 Aums Beuk teBr tons Kogew de is i roix truss Mar eilles 'ov 2 ar iruxLU steamer? 'XM ions Beeves from Mm 2 staiHMr 1738 tons A Bead frees I UIMIOW 3 iLL'sa xtataiRN barque Sbaw fmg levndoa vi kuiskar 4 mvanhiloa four masted barqoe 1993 tons UhalU 4 ELanma uamsrln: toasC 8a frra Ha bu MOV RXTRACOLONUL DEPARTURES I Cvzcn vmer S9LS toa AaJenos fas tata I SNowbBor karqas M8 tan EL Greta for Oustn Polvnf MEN steamer 400 toss Boulaad ferXansUlM 1 sovMERPBLn steamer 1752 tons 8 Petereou for Hamburg 2 Anivuu hanpie 1480 teas Splessen for Newcastle la ballast 6 Oberon steamer 1763 tons A 8 Grate for Lotidoa viavuatirfc EXntACOLONIAL PASSENGERS arrivals tn south acntralu Per ARMAND tVEHic from Mr and Mr I Munun in th saloon and 8 la tbeeeond cabin Per Australia from Mr Msjo thanks Mr and Mr flollio Mesdame Driffield Young aad Siin ond and Mis iffield Departi kes from mouth Australia Per ur Mr and Mi Tetley Men smith A Leonard ami inahigley inthessloin Per Polynesian: or Hi Excellency Jxnl Kint rr Mr Bi ks Mie Birk Thomas Ruffin Mr Taylor Mr and Mr A Ketueer aad three children ur Port Mr Cartier PORTS Snowdiiop fur 8W6 bags wheat I'arling and UD Vixen: ur Colothn 1 evk eggs Lewis or S7 bars silver Broken Hiil Proprietary ur Load 3 ekg Ear! of Kiatore 4 du orient Line Ida MeCuiloch and Co 1 ease stove A Gas GuBpauy: 8 bales leather Reid Pdodo Cullen IS do du Heid ivid Sn 3i do do Peaco*ck end Son 3 do kius 121 hrlrt wool Comrie and Co U9 do do Haughton and do tUwker 9 tihd aid pip wi 4 Australian Min Company: 135U bars biilliuO Broken Hill Projineta Company aruand Beiiic for No 980 bags Goer Barns and Co 500 do do Adelaide Milling Oivpsnv 310 11 do John Dofb and kt 2J du bran J'hn i onn amt Co 60 do flour 1 du almon Harrold Brothers SiiMMRiKiD: or 432 bale wool ub'iuaiui anil Co 457 do Van Senden 1M do Haughton anl Cu 185 do Ostarmejer Deere and Co or 323 dn Van Semlen 43 do Gill 948 do Osier tn yer Dewex uni Co du 25 do skins i2htn and O' an do Thalloa or Dunkirk ii 5i! wool Van Sendsn PolynESIEn or 25 bags floar Harri ou ami Co 25 do do flack or 2 hales teacher Geo ge Wille and Co or Moreille 150 bog flour Harrold Brother IM bale wool Van Senden 633 do do ttertnyr Dwex and Co or Dunkirk S57 do do Van Seoden do kine Hiunht and Co or 1 earn hardware rancis Clark ard Co or Madsgaeear 3 bm flour Cav and Co IIRRKon or London 48" hale wool Dalgety and (': 935 do do Henry Scott Kri do do Peaco*ck and sn: H4 do do Hamilton 16 do do Van Menden: 11 do do Qoina UO Jin do Htnk of Adelaide 13 do do Sir William Jvrvoia: 20 do do Laxawrs aad Co 9658 do 5400 bar baliion 1 ns eigars I'eorg Will and Co 82 bale skin Moffiinoad Co 1 15 do do Haughton and Co 90 do Orchard and Co do haaUs Shaw and Co or Dnnkirk 370 wool Ost nn yer Dewex and Co 23Wid do Vn tfeoden 661 do do Haughton and Co SOO do do George Wills and Co itzrot: or lAnnceston 10 rases rtfeory Bstav a flour Adelaide Milling Company OCTPORT 8HIPPHCG PORT PIKle ARRiven November 4 Rid'ljtT N1RLJ5 fnnr muted school er 76 i ns Philty master from port Townsend piece 81247 super ft Ur gun tuaber Giube Timber Mills COMMERCIAL SUMMARY OR EUROPE Rrjiitrr Office Monday November 6 Breadstcffs The week has brought no gleam of hope to those anx'iiuely waiting for some improvement in the wheat market When we ooms to deal with actual business tbs present out look for our farmers is about as gloouny as itMMibly could be Io order to gauge probable 1 noM for the new season a leading mer cbuut to his London bouse a dty or two ago asking for definite opinions as to tbe value of wheat ai upjro from South Australia daring January next A reply as received this morning stating that the valu of new wheal January I bill of lading waa from 28s 6d to 2Us per qr of lb Allowing a freight therefor of 27s tun (and several vessels have been taken at a higher rate than thia) and also giving a smsil margin for a pro bable rise in exonaage on London this works out to something like 2Jd per busbel free on board here bags included Deducting say a halfpenny fur putting th wheat on board aad Id for bags this will only allow buyers to offer say 2e 7d pur bushel at the ontports 1 A pleaaant pro npuct truly for the farmer Wears not taking a view but areetmplydealingwith actual facts as they exist to day Daring tbe wet two rargur of Victorian wheat have sold one at 2a and tbe other at 2He Sd par qr and allowing a freight of 25s fur those vessel which were chartered list season the equivalent is only 2s Jd per bushel Lab at Melbourne Possibly local competition and th desire to gel some early shiW away might keep the market up at th" lg ntnng of tbe seaeon tmt udI" a change comes over the European markets very soon prices here must of necesity decline trum their present level of 2 lOd Th re is no getting away from tbs logic of tbe cabled from London tu day when viewed in relation tu other charges which the buying merchant must allow for in purcbasms from the groa The preoenl quotation will be lotind mour Trade end inance colatua With th" qiantity uf wheat already shipped and known co be at tbe railway stations tbeit ial estimate of the wheat harvest made by the Gnverment would lave only soma I lteiW xn in th hands of the farmers Tbe figures ran tie uoovtnieUtlj sLowo in the folio wing The vsrnin ut ehued AHihNv tor Tons nw rt llAan tn previous yer 17373 bruiijiui ovc ue bonier this year nsisi Exported to ISj127 in country ai Is for export 34 7 4 The lanuiv at ii reut naii' i t3ea Held on rhe fnu 10VO4 The RfHitcf ee'tuste gave (leaving off odd Pn' tons tor exrt or 4'lOOUtun tuor thantiieGovernment Calculating there re od 4he iute baaie at lbs above the estimate would leave say 50000 tunstill held by farmer a against IOM'4 tuns according to the Government figures It kn wn thaf a quantity of inferior wheat ha been used by tbe tanners to feed pig Ac that aiiowinj (or thu tha Government fijtes would ike out that there was ao lutaly nothing lift tbo hands of tie fsrtuers Even putting this aside for the moment the Government fig ire would only allow for each farmer reckoning the numoer oi tanner in th colony st which i well w'tmn the mark some £4 worth of wheat tbe estimate would give shuut £lL An indepsndent estimate give the jantilv ef wheat in farmers' bands at 35 wu tun6 which goss to confirm our estimate Crop report for this colony vary consider ably wbilri in Victoria tbe prospects are sp ken of as fair New South Wales expects a large crop to provide for bum re quirement Ginxsal MtscMAxrust The week just dosed has bees comparatively brisk in ths matter of general merchandise sales although there is still very great room for improvement As an export outlet Western Australia continnes to draw large orders from us and as tee goM reefing in dustry flourish our trod with tbe West must inerease The Barrier aad river demend for goods however is not so brisk as coaid ba desired aad with the astern colonies trade passtug is com paratively small being restricted to occa sional lines in which these markets are deficient Tbe meet interesting event connected with ths sugar trade has beiti tbe arrival of a full Mauritius cargo of manufacturing white or lbs pat twelve months owig to low Crioes ruling here the Island market as been virtually eluted to ut and it is gratitying to record the enterprise that bas again oueurd up the trade Mauritius sugar will and do always command readier sale than any other if priors are on a par with other productions Good buvim ss has already been carried through a fair proportion of the cargo having changei hand up to £23 per tun dp jam curdial manufacturer' and brewers being ready purt hast Th" Refining Com pany are a)0 doing good trade al unchanged prices and of Cj ieetisland white and yellows there have beu severs! fair sales at fell prices Th" tea market ha been eoinarativry quiet no large transactions Ixmcc rop Tted A fw lines Ceylon st 9d to 1 4i lb have however changed bands The RMS An tralien brought some lUjo pa kag and stocks on band being modrrately large Iit is at present no eager disposition to purchaae Of China new crop on or wu hn hv taken up hut no particular are named The only parcel uf cutfe sold other than snull distributing lots is 2A tons ship assort ment Ceylon plantation at a price not named Cocoa havn staady attention rats being unaltered Currents move off slowly at per It for new fruit A LHMl box parcel new Elemee have been placed but price has not transpired Other fruits are only Belling in retail lots No movement towards briskness has been observed in tinned fish Supply ample and consumption verymaU In oilmen's stares in addition to ordinary distributing trade we note 2 tons Reckett's blue fair lot mustard Bcaudanavian milk and Lea A sauce placed at agents' prices In chemicals we have no record of important sales but guod retail orders are coTung lo hand Prices remain low Eaatern pro ducts are plentiful dt uiand comparatively light and price list unchanged Carraway and canary need have bad no important atten tion English hams are worth Is 41 dp aud demand should quicken as season advances English malt remain iteady and firm at 1 6d per bushel ia bund Ilona are unaltered in price with a very moderatenquir Blasting powder is Q'liel at a nominal price of 5d per lb Tbe sale of balk oils is a present very dull and the only line in special demand ie boiled lineed of which supply is very limited value 3s id to 3s 2d per gallon Turjwntme is firmer owing to advance in America Holders ask 3s although a sale hts been made during the week at 2s 8s per gallon Csstoroil i quoted at 2 7d per gallon in haif ca Kerosine is steady at lid on sjiot and loH per gallon to arrive Several small lots have been taken during the week Jute fabrics are not attract ing soecial notice Cornsadcs are bring placed in 10 and 2 bale lots a up to 5s per dozen Woolpaeks The rn being over have only vary casual atten tion value of 54 in pack Is ea lour ore and potato bag dull of vle Tne timber market ia still heavily atocked rv1 parcels are not saleable Cement i going out quietly in 25 and 5i eak parcel at 10 GJ to 10s Od on wharf Galvanized iron to the extent of 120 or 130 uavss has been sold value of 26 gangs U'l? jv ton 24ga'uriin slow demand at £16 heet lew! and zinc are neglected at last given rate iron moves off slowly at to 72s 61 too according to brand and quantity arb win 14 3 is plentiful again and demand slow parols maybe had per ton but no buyer are met with Wire netting is worth £14 Iih to £13 mile according to quantity ISx li 3G in uj special business made jniclie Tinplatae and black pipe hav uoly a very hunted trade enquiry and sal 'lhe resin market is very firm and supply tbruiuihout th" culonie limited Lsrgequantities have been destroyed by recent disastrous storms in America which will tend tu keep prices lirui furom time to rem Rate have adraar ed in the States 25 to 35 rents The lirprd trade it fairly active but mil parcels moving are comparatively small II onresy One and Tbri Siar brandy maintain tbeir pri's at 3h to 35 6d aud 45 case repe A line cases Tonnelier braudv ha hren taken up but price is not mad" public Whisky sale have been good ov 1 xmni being quitted during the week including 400 cares Walker's Kilmarnock and parcel of all standard brand full prices being obtained Rum gin Geneva and schnapps hsve hed fair trade but there ie nothing of interest attach ug to tho opera tions prices steady Malt liquor have not attracted the attention warranted by th weather salro being only moderate Bottlud ale have fair notioe all leading brand com manding a hre of orders but nr single hti having been accord' special preference by haavy sales B'lar'e Head Johnson's Bud dog Read Brothers' Dog's Head Pig and O'Brien's Dagger stouts have i with fair tice at full market rates Imjrorted wines of all kmas are only being qnitu in small retail lots trade comparatively insignificant BIRTHS MARRIAGES ANDDEATHS blklHS On the 3rd ''member at Koonouaa tbi Wahlemsr Hankes a tsuKhter KNEEBONE ih 23rd October at Rnien brim Woodville 4be wife of i Kneebuue uf taugh'r ANN On the 28th Ociolxr at t'nley th wff of ied MDUofa Ba IN un tii th Octutar Randle street Kent Tnau th tta Andrew Itaukiaevang il ef pruiaturei acXlfl Un the Aux'tsi a Hithttret 8 th wife Robert iu ii co Befall Mation of a daughter PINKa OB toe Stiad October at lllndmrh qtt ire he wif uf lwore "pinks of ilueti Krwoiiii On lhe vth iM i er a A ibum Melbourne tn wife uf Leu li WetiauuJ Muuni Lyndhtirat uth Australia otasun WHITE On the 4Ui OitotMr at Kent Town the de ui Whit of a son MARRIAGE' I LOWER PARK I Un the iStli Ictuuer by the Kv Joseph pkiiH at tbe resulsnc father of the brine itabecev Mr Jtweph lusar Gap to 'ore suauf Mr Slue Parker war Kolierutuan A4 On th October at retuaotle otern Atitruit bouel twe only son nf Henry Galvr of the Mi Idin Temple brr1ste at law nd crG i on uf tbe Geurs Gir II Governor tb kuiy to My ed'irvt daughter of tu lit Wablw of remantle LEVY th 2nd Nnttubr at lhe Jwub Ntu Ale ade Owli iiae ehlexi son of rank He Lon mn tu iiua Beberc Let daukhterof Mat h' Iz ry ndun A KI On th ijrth Sepemtar a St Mart's lieffiell by tbe Rev Cin s'ell Gsurg nn the Lte Itaalin HR UK to Aloe yotinrer daughter of ia 'hn Brown MD HEiCs of La vbcdm Duioirievkhire Un th Mh October at the linieta trret Presby tnn Church by th fatter uf the briiexruotu Janie eldest on uf tee Rev James Ly all nf Adelaide 10 Lilu" nny daughter uf tbs tate Thotsa Dudlrsy of ckford Ireland MERCHANT JENNINGS Cm th 12thkober st St John Nor on's "uiMSit by in Rsv A Henry packer! urn 4 Mm hMt Esq PMneyaideto tuab Mariaarovid dugbtrM Jenuia Esq Ahton nTOY th meh Octotart afl rtoa by tb fatbee ot th bri te Alt anger son of Alfred nherwood to Minnis eldsr daughter of tbe Bev bu'jel all of ullan ml DKATH8 CHURCH tbs 2nd November st Strath alby Margaret Cbsrch widow tbe Lta 3'etaor Church gd 3 years On the'ddth toher suddenly In Part William Gore on of tbe Ide Down iv Daly and irrindn of the iae ir Ihioiiuic Daly aged 2Jyearx (By cable) On the 26th October kt Peterebnrg rederick Wdluto tbe deuly loved bus'aid Clritit Deeley used 40 jeara Deeply re gr'ted On the Sth November st eet rth Adelaide William tn beloved husband of Louis Diment aged 72 year A cul' nist of 46 )ear Di'NK Un the SUth October at Bramr Mrafhalhyn ot aeningltis after wearies snd hooping court) Marj Watson Rankin rec nd and 50U! ge daughter of aua Dunk MUaue axed i years ano 2 month KLi Un lhe Ztlih October of ty lmil fever Jitues Allan "'deat and rue bairn nt Uondowie or ever w'th the rd Holl On the 2S uI" at Moonta Mine suddenly Ad the afircriotiaie husband of Charlotte Holland (tire Russell) lae ot ueclon Victoria nnd second iielor ton (nui ar1 Er th iioilxadi late of Mead 'w SoU'h Au tral aged yesr Entered into life eternal KENN On the 25 Oc o5er at tha wIrt iM arm Streaky Ray of enteric fever Rridcrt try Josephine eldest and dearly beloved of aoi 1 and ry ern Kei U' and indiaattr of Mr Michael Kenny Rd Mackenny Colton and Mr Patrii Cash Cbilbdta Ciil'011 and grui grtritldauxhtt'r of the late Ignitim 1 sutlivan of Morpbett Vale aged 17 years and 2 ntha L'pon her soul wret Jeuv have merry KIMBErt On tlisJIst ciuler at ub John Ue beluved bnebaud ol anny Kiudier (Hkley street Adelriti and eldest wn of harie Knntar un rileixh Clare aged 33 year Us the 3lt October at his reavirn Milner street Hindmvrh of MHiile decay John ue ten aged 72 years Mc' DlL the 1st November at Creek Ca herine relict of Hugh Mi Uoll formerly of cirim Argyleshir aged 7v years NEWMAN the 2nd Nott tuber at his rei nre Mount Gambier George Herbert Newuian in hi tot tsar Ue sleeps In Jesus PENGEldEV tm lbs lst Octotar at her residence Kensington road Nrwia Mary Ann the beloved wife uf William Pengelley aged utt Jeers Hl On tbe Slst October at Poyston P' rt Aucusta Matilda Dtyce nife ot Juhn ttudall SM aged 61 years bTAPLKs On ths 4th November at Anthony street JArgs Bay Mary Hzatatli taloved wifa uf Lnesnn Jstue staples aged h5 run STARLING Un the 5th November at the residence of Mr ones Kewirk Louisa Starling late of Monnt Barker aged 78 yars On the 3rd November at his residence Pu'iraven Carlhle sttret Balaclata Melbourne Robert Kwan aged 6i year THVRK On the IS October At Convalescent Home Sem tph re suddenly of tany deenera'in of tb heart after tong years of ff ring Jane tatoved wife of Jaeenh Th er Beialie ace I 54 tears leaving huitanduid tea ctiidiNn to moon her ws Wflf TE On tbe 2nd November at Kent Town Katharine Isabella lhe taluved wife ot John White agd youngest daughter of Brootmu Pbwnect On the 2nd October at free ibine avenae Brixton Hill 0 Surrey Eng and Miriam Mary si ter nf James Willshire Molnworth strest North Adelaide AGRICULTURAL BURKAU MONUAV NuVLMrEE Tbe Uou Kricbauff MLC (Chairman) eir bcntuel Davenport Mv ts A Sunifurd Guude Henry Kelly Hardy Valentine (inspector uf niock) nnuw lloite (Curator But nka) Gardens) and tLe Ueiril Secretary (Mr A Muliueuxk Ibe Secretary refurt contained the following lhe Pirius insignh groes quickly io many parts ibe colony aad ia useful foi rjugii rratenbuxes and similar wok Kecriiily ouih ut the trees ruwn i vicudt) Mount Uauiuier were cut down and bl tu local carped tar bv wav enabled ogive I go ri puce for tree ami to profitably cut them up fr luitnufscture uf chue crate The tituln does uut split "ben nails are driven in even on lite de Such trees as Pinus insiguis Jimlrns I ilia specie) jwijoar widow plane Ac are rahuid ih a win ibresks aud fur their timber much will be in teur fur lues case Ae At la'et ueelins I'iiu orest HrueL It am meal ii'd tint sert ral liurtti were suffering frutu souie uuknowc disea esymptom' were lua of appetite derite to slijk" their and top their ear wu swlling abuit eye and touxue and kin uf latter peis off Animals attacked fad fl in undli ion very rapidly 1 Li lulttvr referred tu Mr Valentine whu sta'e that they Late eaten uf uoi puinins or ry acri i pl intv or lh are suit ring from euiie fever a ry unusual occurrence at this time ut the year At latest meeting of GUistoric ISrtncb It was rep tted that bla rust (L rucystusulta) wa very pievrient iu lhe district anil nt Uatnale Brancli meeting Mr dly showed sample of wheat badly atta ked tbetinedi'ae At lt meeiiti of Gtalston Brarn Hr Tonkin reported ihat hl totglium end msnguld plot had been loudly destroyed by some ierts and he id noticed ib nisan a of nruall white moths on he pl sat I) Toucuell uf Mundoor Hr tnehr te (list hi potato crop bad ta destroyed by gruL liii were ujw attckuig bi tomat 4c Eolgera Xeiretary Barnota Whim Branch vent down specimen grubs which were destroying itatue in that ditrict lheae wereent to Mr il Lower of Parkside who slated that Ley ar grub uf sillier Urtfloia or Agrotis uinst probably Ivier and rcmuien ied suraying witht root solution of pud or soda and water 1 lb of eltuef ID 1 gallons ot Water VISIT TO The General Secret ary tp rtei in eff on bls visit to Ibe tooutb EMtern branches as tolioes: twine to harvest operation preventing tbe ding( inec by several brancues 1 found it i it to pays I' ngproiniwd visit to our Petrola Branch and niki iu vuimty to wet nienitar of uut Gnnbirr ard lhrei I branches started oa (ietvtar 23 an I stopped fur Viight al Border Town Next morning visi linner tiry of Titiara Branch aud Into long dis cui a upon work of brsneh establishment rrenmeiiM cul'ivadon fodder plants legumes In nnectivn ui cereal treatment id several diseases in fruit trees Ac Mr Whelan ex plained that in nf kgrti ultnnd show being held at Kanlvt most rn tnhers were absent and requested that I "uld attend meeting of fanner dairymen and fruitgrowers at Wi ls ley un Monday In lowing and arrangement er mad arcordmtly sfter tu speettna hi fruit trees and advising in respect to cur! leaf and winch were )ut apaini and also advising one or two other cultivator: in neighbourhood upon urn diveasss went on to Narracmrte where Mr Mvgarey hoel me his ge'den wUkU bas eouieoll iutah (revs to it who xive good evidrn uf mildness of cliuxta and pk1 quihty uf il them i fine maple me oaks elders In ff wer gardm roses 4c were exceptionally fine Mr Mssarey 1 trying etpsrtTeni with biiiihcr of plants ia hope'ot dth'inK a i dder wid my prove to pn lidc and tardy and ha a large 1 pit in curet of excxrttmn soil being a cufiiput day A pure i rv dled Angus hull kept here and all of his pro eny from Durham cow are black strong and On flctitar a meet ing of branch tail end bad long di tii'n uton practical subjects end then 1 i i I firm of Messrs if smith and Uh ver Hunt Mr Midih stetniiy ater gulariy inhabit of preserving fruit by bottling in either pure water ur in ungv rup Some gooseberries in pure water two yearsid were perfect in detour aud colour and tso of plum in strong symp were also without Tire process is very simple Tbe driest and tat fruit is selected tuily rive pUced very we ill ty In wnie m'iutlied giaae Pomona" jtr made in utb Au tralia are filled up ii syrup or water Placed in a boiler of water (or of brine tains it becomes bolter) up to tucks of jars brought to a boil for five minnta corked or dosed whilst boiling hot then remote th holler or draw tb fire aad )t jar remain till nearly Mr vines were badiy attacked by an'hrju noe up till last year but by a vLotoav na of sul phate of iron during winter and of toe vpraypomp and BnrLiat mister be bas nearly got rid of ibis prvhe Pear scab and shothole fungus anpesrs to be difficult to eradicate tai there is no doubt that Borilnss Ciiitnr bM strongly re pressive action At Mr Hunt's place aathraceoee la much rss aotwttbsiudiag ibu be syringes vines vtaorou ly with Bordeaux and other fungi ti les hy ordinary garden syringe It quite de batable wbe'lier it it posdNe to Drspvrlr "ap iy" any mixtures without aid praypwmp Mr Hu t'a gardes aad vineyard are well ttaied to aad i oi vealou asd sue wful in hu expert meats with seeds Ac se' eat by CeatnJ Bureau He has a n're plot of Vida vDlcea aad beds of vetch of different kinds wif nf trpgrui end Mber iBteretlng plaata Next went Mr Brews' garden which lie on flat near township and ha saflered aeverely ttei year from exrmwive looietura ruit tree aad rnes badly flwti with fungi but flowert sad vegetables luxu riant and grow kept entirely free from weeds Went te Pea Ja wbere mrerilng druitgrowart fxrmvrs Aad aBLr of b'aah was held Address upon co oper'1' ed rt tie ivered and an animated diMU'Mon cbetly favuuri1e up rMiun eusurd Went to 'it Juhn Kiddocn Yaliulu aud nxt morning inspected tlueer garden siiruhhry oh hard arbu eluu and luwnv all epleixliu coudiliuo aUuuugh there me trace uf hutti4e end cb apucoi apples and i eata khd curl leaf peaches These dtaaso Ii atuer are bng kept tu rtack not krsdusilyMnueied by uw im nixtur stpphvu sir' putnp Kvres were ui tieularl Ives iiid nutnep us and tine irgr fiorse cfiesiiut in tad biuum wa apiendt uruauieui to arboretum i tH tutor 2ti vis tci nuiniwr of well kept gri nv tn I'raol itiiJriiin' those uf Mr 0sc trees sre very tuvily atta krd by vhutbole curl aud apple and pror wib He was in atrurlvi uo to re tbe di ea er and ill beupp ici a it li pamphieb ujhmi subject by local lion ecieiary i to Hub Mr Scumurl lvun an uld grtouer has kImi garden ivl oUt threwear'li which 1 krpl tn excellent irnr but 1 a uirx u'c uf fr ill tree vegetable aim rlieere ths Vii! kei Very healiliy anl (ar to Ixi 'iLiility grow mg Hue suit ihLehir product! "iiofiigh mrlaret 1: luAbUiaeturcd Mi hn Ki li kin ire I ut velmiv ant aud Dr lKkl haiiiuxu uia Branch) drove tu ny places intbldb al luc where the!" I gSiUr 11 over tuirtv Jir uaUblivhral oUtaUul "rinuta appes pro viih and rniuiy "lb fruit tree Ac iu must vigorous atate of health aud ieiiilify Mr A Kibtati take uriight in growing flowers and the part ot garden 1 At Prnola fruit Culiiiev irc I I'ULicuurly tieritlnaud Mvksa neral rule wed cuirvaiei But there ore a few Ui cLh' blrs who negl lo keep an weeds an one or iso win try to grow ther crops taittecn the to evident dwuuie uf latter hi one pl culliiiti'd ly coutrufl tlo re were two draught horses fediug upu weed aud i'tuiug upon young grus til of its trees damaging them seriously bur her at ml of i clement there are tan 1 el pr 'Ulii ng filo ks one bi biiig'ng tu Mr Alexatld' Jhd plamed with Carbine uidbirax vino do'ig ry well indeed ntol culti' tied as they riinuld i rn I oilier owned by Mr i 'add planted wi'h leiunv rxperuueutailv and sub inrs alii trees a a ceitvuly At Nurn iy (Mr John itidd'K i) eviivrt a mer touiult r(Mr Minlaui ki'rpeier)linflr iu nevi uf order His viMapn ar to be vigurotiriy lieali hy lcMhr he pliwlr them but ertiCt arv iiix made toeiterunu te tatib iuent now cuniprives mm acres plaulr uitn fruit Hees ai vine generally ut vaiietee eid ur uiaiheting or fur uaufctur but onc M'tler bus tduitrd trees in tufty three ififfererit Ix yx 1 uie ai ta etal to others but it isiiiul fu if it will prove prod ble to him Io afterri went tn Mount Gauibier and October Sb pmcei 'led to Millhent In 111g turt there by tnue members I cal braot Meeting beid in Council ioiunl for about three huirdivcurin wererotidi 4 uin a gr lt many topicr si a ujrkehog po'atoee and other produce manuring riim 1 i i utter factories co nj eration growth of (odder plants breeding and fe ding uf vu and dtu topics Usochiber'JH uieelintuf brancoai wlu 1 a goodly nsmtar lanuets er prrcn wsbL I I al Mount tian bier uljrrl iliM uved were chb fly Confined to tieoev ity fur unity iu taising aud marketing or disposal produc from fam orctard an I garden Ata of action in marketing of potatoes and dairy produce was considered to have u'caeinoed great losses to pro ducer shipment spde ani 4 frozen uiutton were discussed treatment of surplus fru and vegetahlox growth ef rider crops eusiUge and con merited ttp iuetrntni sent to Uupenter Rocks and nest day explored oiu textree swamp Bear Mr bunriow retu'tutig iu evening to unt GaiLbicr October 29 went tack lo Wuleeleyr wirr ot farmer was field in evcriin at Institute anls rt levtod to a lln vs tiuui st way to iok firming profitable and '1 here net about thirty prevent and ret iiM ui pce October JU took iuiii for Border in company with Mr Wileon visited a number li 'iuwtesd Idockers re ia fw i aaM inf rotation a light ami adriregnm in respect to viriet in ui tree suitable fur ceria soils and tor treatment of curl let! sboth le ri tlri niw scab and u'h fmit pests Thr ugh utlt Ms Hip a has always been the pracih uu errwrise wh itever wav incurred for vrbiJrs borses of uLlief conveyances Adop' Mi IfltlHMIlP The CiiAiK'H'i renrred a retrmitle bad been at poinre 4 and ihut 11 had been ei ied advisable ree I lie meiulwrUilP of tb Bnard He sulitoilted the tritne II' Messrs 11 ill 1 got fl lliddH Gil) and Grahr It ii ta bled I nng the name before the Comtuusb rBtuf Crown tands for npi'rotal liHHK'lrMriM 1 A reqnest wa re iverf from Lfflimur Agrirnl il ietv Virion 1 that tta (iviieraJ Secretary tri lit la allowed to vrett end lecture on the il ect and aims nf Axrirulltital Bureau a they obtatnd in 'oil'll tutrriil 'I bad been fei ti to the Minister Ed i iion and agri nlture v)i that he would ta fur the mine: to le ennted hut expense tn'ist le incurred Mtnilar request ram from 01M kIcs id lhe tnAtur wen left iii lbs hand I be Professor I ri" wrnle inviting I he Bureau toi' it the Agricultural College 00 1 hnrsday Nuvrintar to Mr Kelly add hh an excellent time to the institution Ibe vaults of th won tain market Dririxl memtars fotinjated lheir wihiig new to go and Mr Muhueux instructed Mr suggested that the Bureau should visit Woodside a district "here sotue very line nine produced Mr uw confirm I the remark as to nf the wine and i decided itat the Jjon li ir 'arnnel venpott Mr Hardy and Mr 0u riiould suit the district M'HiTIN The mbtaKY th results from rpriyirg frure trees and vines ill the Angaston distr rl ol tan most encouraging Mr Tfevcnu*tiiirk hul neglected to "pray his orchard and i treyard which acre tadly attacked by onthrv no and shotli'U furgus un i he ubtnued no marketable fruit whatever aber on lhe other mle of the fence Mr "tDlrh ot Yalurtita sprayed hiv trees aad had su' nort lii nchr owing tle heavineuof ihetrop Mr menth bed 'I nt a friend bad written to him tn the efl ct that in vv eestereliire and II ref rdblre where sprayfn tan ad'iptod the bep (tups had bcu totueibirg Tt Hureau adjoureed WQNDKBUL MEPIC15 BEECHAM'S PILLS are anlvereatly admlfed to be worth a ('a'Ma But for alioiu and Nervous Jtar lers auefi a ind aad Pam th buncacb sick Headache Giudmesa uli ew at 8llitix after Meals Duzt ut as and Droeaiueas CjM CriU lushings of Heat Ims of Appetite bhortoem of Breath Co liven Mcurvy and Blotch on tb iskn Disturbed sleep ngl Mui Dreatoa and all rrom end Trembling acotaurma Ac Th first dues will give relief iu twenty ttinuto Every anfferer eamuv iuvited to trr one Bui of Uism PdU and ey will be mknuwledged i be WflKTH A GtlNEa A BOX or female ut all ages liias PHI an invaluableafewduae ot them carry ofi all humours enf bring about all that is required No female Lould to without them Thor oi ao medicine to be fuun lqua! 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